Harvey Hayes (he/him) is Chicago-based queer and trans artist from Southeastern Massachusetts. He often collaborates with his partner, Lia Call.

Harvey uses his media to grapple with trans queerness, spirituality, and abstraction. Each of his pieces operates as an animal dissection of his own body. Struggling with debates in agriculture and biotechnology regarding what is “natural” (for example, the use of GMOs or hormones on livestock), he questions his own “naturality”.

A particular topic of interest for Harvey is the chemical and material developments he has observed in his body throughout his first year injecting testosterone. Interruptions in cycles and the shifting of surfaces and textures echo what is occurring in his external environment. As we contribute to climate change, we are contributing to our own self destruction. Society denies the catastrophic damage that is being inflicted upon the earth and its residents, but as Harvey manipulates his own body (the only thing which is inarguably his own), he is made to believe that he is introducing chaos to the natural order.

In his landscapes, he reflects on a time and place before humankind. Many of his pieces are meditations on the primordial earth; a thought experiment in the meaning of bodihood at that time. He reminds himself that flesh has not always held meaning, and that it was once purely material.


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